Guide For Choosing An Office Chair

Whether you work in an office full time or just at home, choosing the right chair is important. When a chair has all the right features, it makes sitting for long periods of time easier to do. There are helpful guidelines to use when choosing the perfect chair for your office.

Features Which Offer Support and Comfort

Perhaps the single most important feature to look for in an office chair is support for the lower back. When people sit for long periods of time, the vertebrae in their spines begin to compress, which places stress on the lower back muscles. A chair offering lumbar support will have the base of the backrest molded to curve inward. This inward curve helps keep the spine straight which reduces the stress placed on lower back muscles. The lumbar support can be enhanced with the addition of a cushioned panel placed in the center area of the lower backrest.

The seat of the chair can also help position the spine so it stays in better alignment. The seat would be curved slightly upward on the outer edges and be positioned at a slight downward angle sloping from the front to the back. Comfort on an office chair should also include good air circulation. Ergonomically designed chairs often come with open mesh backs and seats. This open structure allows for better air flow around the body, which will keep you cool and comfortable no matter how long you need to sit there. Chairs should also come with fully padded arm rests, which will also improve posture by allowing the arms to rest naturally at the sides of the body.

Features for Convenience

Most office chairs today are equipped with adjustable stems so you can raise or lower the seat. This process is usually performed by loosening the screws attached to an external knob. Some newer models come with hand cranked levels instead of knobs. Whichever method is used on a chair it should be sturdy and secure when adjusted to your height. The best height for working at a desk is when the feet can be placed flat on the floor while the knees are even with the edge of the chair’s seat.

Convenient features include the chair’s ability to move as needed in order to access different work areas. A good office chair should come with a wheeled base which makes moving the chair while seated, easy to do. The base should also have swivel abilities which means the chair can make a 360 degree turn around the base. This feature allows you to easily turn away from the work area to speak with other people without needing to get out of the chair.

The wheeled base makes it easy to move from one work area to another without needing to leave the chair. This can save workers time when working in spaces which have longer tables to accommodate computer components such as printers or fax machines. If the office has a carpeted floor, a large plastic covering can be placed on top of the carpet to allow the wheels to roll better.

It is a good idea to try out an office chair before buying it. Sitting in the chair will allow you to get a good feel for how well it conforms to your body for both comfort and convenience.

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