Basic Idea About Staining Your Concrete Floor

An acid stain concrete floor can unravel a number of flooring complexities and issues. Being a hard surface, it collects less dust, dirt and other foreign materials that cause problems for people with allergies. Acid stain floors are gaining popularity in homes as well as in commercial spaces because they are durable, easy to clean and can be installed to add elegance to any type of floor. The visual appeal of a space can be easily enhanced with the help of this flooring option. You can use acid stains for floors that are both old and new.

 Process of staining a concrete floor

The process generally involves a chemical reaction that occurs between the minerals in the concrete, acid, water and inorganic salts. This chemical reaction is responsible for giving a distinctive look to the floors. A concrete floor surface that needs to be stained is made smooth and even before applying acid stains on it, which is must to get the best results. When the stain penetrates the surface, it is unable to hide the blemishes if there is any on the surface. Therefore, it is important to hide or fix the problems before starting with the procedure of staining. The best surface for applying stains is a new floor that is not worn out.

Different colors available in acid stain concrete floor

Staining your concrete floors in a professional manner will help in imparting a new look to your floors. This flooring option will give your floors a marble-like variegated color pattern. The colors that you can obtain after the process of staining include browns, reddish browns, yellows and greens. You can even get your own desire color by mixing and matching acids in different quantities.

Tools required for the process of staining

There are a few tools that are needed to complete the process of staining. Some of these tools include assorted sprayers, brushes and a saw with a diamond blade. The sprayers and brushes will aid in creating distinctive designs and patterns on the floor. It is also recommended to use the right tools to attain the desired look on floors. Once the job of staining is completed, you need to seal and wax the floors to keep it looking beautiful for years. Before applying a sealant, it is a must to apply a neutralizer to the stained surface.

Acid staining is no doubt one of the best procedures to make the floor look good and stay resilient. So, follow the above mentioned  tips religiously if you want to make your flooring project a successful one.

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