Bar Stools That Suit Your Taste

Having bar stools in your kitchen or home bar is a great way to establish an atmosphere that invites conversation. If you plan to have someone in  your kitchen or home bar, there are important things you have to consider; the design, the comfort, the scale and how it would blend with the other furnishings are just some to mention a few. Here is a guide that would help you choose the right bar stool that meets your tastes and your needs.

  • Short Bar Stools that are Smart and Sleek

Short simple, sleek deigns never go out of style and are almost considered universal. This type manages to be both industrial and light and has a good dose of softness in the wood seat. These types of bar stool are not too expensive, a great combination of a good look and an affordable price. Now you don’t often see that combination.

  • Form Bar Stools

These types of bar stools offer little support at the back and can be a bit pricey than the first one. The low backs on these types of stool fit those who stay in the kitchen or bar for a quick snack or chat, so a full back for support is not entirely necessary.

  • Painted and Acrylic Stools

Dipping the stool in fresh white or any other color gives the bar stool a definite character regardless of the design. If you are not much a fan of color or painting innovations, then clear acrylic stools that seems to disappear from a distance is a good one to start with. If your space is limited, you can always go for the unembellished stools you can stow under the bar top or table.

  • Tolix Bar Stool

Bar stools made up of metal bring a fresh air into the interior, it introduces a contrast of materials and textures especially in an interior of strong, heavy woods.

  • Cliff Young, Ltd. Classic Collection Barstool

If you spend more time sitting in your home bar or kitchen, then you might want to get a barstool that is comfortable and can support your back substantially. The Cliff Young bar stool has a padded seat and a padded back support designed to provide comfort during those long sitting hours.

  • The Wishbone Chair

A bar stool with an open slat fits those with a taste for bag but prefers a bit of openness. This design only takes a minimal visual space.

  • Calligaris Icon Counter Stool

This type of bar stool has an opening at the back, this makes the furniture light and the upholstery also offers enough comfort to make the guests stay for a while. They come in bright colors, but don’t let this scare you to try them; sometimes bright colors are required for certain environments and tastes.

  • Woven Bar Stools

Woven bar stools with high backs and open weaves give an air feel; it does not obstruct light or views as well. Woven bar stool such as Usona is a definite high end option.

This article on bar stool and interior design is written by Johanna Myers, author of web based articles on interior designs and furniture.