How to Easily Keep Thieves Out of Your Home

Coming home, seeing that the lock on your door has been broken or your window has been smashed; walking inside and seeing that your whole house is a mess, and most of, if not all of, your valuable are simply gone, without a trace. This is a sight that no one ever wants to walk in to their home and lay their eyes on. Unfortunately, it happens all too often.

Each year there are tens of thousands of breaking and entering cases, many of which go unsolved. And even if nothing is taken from your home, do you really want to come back knowing that someone was inside, uninvited, and could have done anything they like with your possessions? Below, you will find some of the surest ways to keep thieves out of your home, and in the process, to keep you and your family safer.

Average Locks Just Don’t Cut It

The problem today is that people become too secure in their homes. And while it is not a problem that they feel secure, it is a problem that some people have such low regard for others that they do not mind making people feel terrified of living in their homes.

A simple door lock, on the knob, is in fact one of the easiest locks to break, as proven time and time again in many burglary cases. See what happens is, people go to work, like honest, hard working citizens do, and they shut off all their lights to reduce their power consumption. But then some cowardly thief sees that a house has no lights on, and no one is home. They break in, steal, and run from fear of being caught by police.

One of the first safety measures you can take, especially effective if you live in an area in which crime or burglary rates are high, is getting a high grade lock. A better, stronger lock is the first step in protection for your home, and as such, should be one of the first things that you focus on buying. They can be costly, but as you well know, the safety of your family, and your own safety, is priceless.

Consider Leaving on Lights

While you shouldn’t have to rack up bills to prevent yourself from being robbed, it goes without saying that robberies almost never happen when the person is home.

The reason for this is that robbers are often cowardly, and afraid to enter a home in which a person who may defend themselves, and their hard earned possessions, is in residence. Leaving on even two lights in your home, closer to the front of the house for appearance’s sake, can make anyone think that there is someone home. This is a great way to ward off burglars.

Consider Getting a Dog

Dogs can be your best friend, and they can also be a saving grace. Guard dogs can keep even the toughest criminals from ever wanting to step foot in your home. A dog can easily be better protection than any of the aforementioned methods.

However, just like with any animal, your dog needs attention, love and care. Just because you want a dog for protection purposes, does not mean you should ever even consider mistreating your animal. After all, a dog is very much like a child in that they looked to you for comfort, solace, nurturing and nutrition. If you get a dog, be sure that you are prepared to take on more than a little bit of responsibility.

Joseph Clarke writes for Rossdoor based in Melbourne who say (with good reason) that they have “The Most Stylish Garage Doors” available for your home.