Rocking Chair Cushions

The problem with most rocking chairs at least in my opinion is that they’re hard and they don’t often come with rocking chair cushions. This can be especially uncomfortable when you have a bony ass, or you’re skinny like my wife is. And who are the folks that generally sit and use rocking chairs? Well, they’re usually the elderly. I bet when you think of a rocking chair you picture some old granny sitting on her porch in a wooden rocking chair maybe knitting or doing some needlepoint… or is it only me 😉

Finding rocking chair cushions is not really a problem. I think the bigger issue for most of us is the type of rocking chair cushions to buy or the color of rocking chair cushions. I’ve seen pink rocking chairs cushions and blue rocking chair cushions amongst other colors of the rainbow. The problem is that, like with most furniture, we need to pay homage to our decor.

For example, I don’t think that pink rocking chair cushions will do well in a modern home. And another thing to consider is the shade of pink. I don’t see many applications for neon pink rocking chair cushions unless you have very unique and unusual home decorating ideas and expertise.

Where to buy rocking chair cushions

But perhaps more importantly is where to buy rocking chair cushions if you’re looking for cheap rocking chair cushions or even the best price? Well, I always start my search on Amazon. And having done that, I see they offer over 16,000 results when you search for “rocking chair cushions”. Now that should be a great start at least to get you thinking.

Even if you choose not to buy rocking chair cushions from Amazon, this easy research which can be done from home allows you to get an overall picture of what is available for your particular rocking chair. Because whether you’re looking for replacement rocking chair cushions, or wooden rocking chair cushions or indoor rocking chair cushions or even outdoor rocking chair cushions you don’t want to spend a ton of time walking in and out of furniture stores trying to figure out what you need. Doing your research and shopping online for rocking chair cushions is what I would recommend.

Tips for buying rocking chair cushions

And before I finish up this post about rocking chair cushions you need to pay attention to not so much the aesthetics or how pretty these cushions look and not even so much as to how much rocking chair cushions cost or even the padding or thickness of these cushions. Rather, you want to make sure that these cushions stay in place.

Non skid rocking chair cushions or non slip rocking chair cushions are ideal or at the very least tie down rocking chair cushions. Trust me, the last thing you want is for your granny to take a seat in the rocking chair thinking how comfy it’ll be with the cushions, only to slip off and hurt herself because the rocking chair cushions are not tied down and slip right off the smooth wood of your rocking chair.

You’ve been warned ;). The most important thing you want from your rocking chair cushions is that they stay in place as you or your guests get up and down from the rocking chair.